Jack Pavlik

American artist, Jack Pavlik creates harmonic machines from sliding and propelled steel bands. Kinetica are presenting 2 works from Jack's prolific collection for ArtBots 2008; 'The Storm' and '6 Bands' which link stillness and motion, sight and sound and science with art to generate compelling performative works.

"In sculpture you can have an idea, an exact idea but the final result will come from experimentation and the limits of the material. In this mutual give and take, a transformative process takes place; where there is an evolution of both form and idea. In my work I have been combining flexible and rigid materials, materials that merge a biomorphic, surreal pattern of black shapes and lines, with geometric metal frames and structures that work at the same time to move, and contain the active forms of the piece, creating what I hope is a humorous, surreal form of sculpture." - Jack Pavlik


To see videos of this artists work CLICK HERE