rAndom International

Formed in 2002 by RCA graduates Stuart Wood, Flo Ortkrass and Hannes Koch, rAndom International is a London based design collective that has forcibly reshaped and redefined the notion of applied design within the visual arts. Known for their interactive and regenerating designs, rAndom has developed a unique range of dynamic objects and environments through their sophisticated in-house prototyping process. The group’s interdisciplinary approach, DIY attitude, and genuine appreciation for the unconventional and provocative, have positioned rAndom on the fringes of conventional technology, art, science and design, pushing the boundaries while simultaneously creating true innovation within these fields. In their efforts to transform the consumption of anonymous, endlessly reproducible, digital information into a unique and tangible hands-on experience, rAndom have managed to create an entirely new vocabulary involving malleable forms of illumination.

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