Helson and Jackets

help me obi

We attempt to make seemingly impossibly ideas, machines and devices. 

We have built a machine to create 360 degree moving video objects that float in space. Where the viewer is able to walk around the machine and see the video object from any position.

Referencing Princess Leia’s iconic appearance in Star Wars as a 3d moving holographic message, help me obi is an investigation of remote relationships, intimacy and dislocation.

We looked to explore scientific concepts that have gained iconic cultural significance, in this instance one where archetype (warrior/ messenger) and virtual existence catch our imagination.

In Sept 2014 we showed help me obi as a Live 360 holographic video conversation with NetPol in La Corderie L'Arsenale at the Venice Architecture Biennale from Scotland. Exploring Networked Politics - How cultures of decision-making have radically evolved in the age of the network. Where movements such as occupy and the Indignados, have rendered visible a change in the very idea of public space and how it has been expanded by means of technology and its immaterial bounds. 

As part of help me obi we show NASA's Voyager 1 Space Probe, the first man made object to leave the solar system and enter interstellar space.  At about 12 billion miles from earth it's the farthest manmade object from earth. Voyager seems actually to be floating in front of you, the iconic messenger from earth, your connection to it and the ideas it embodies can now become physical.

The relationship the viewer has with the baby on the machine is visceral, alive and an extraordinary experience. When you are able to stand and watch yourself as a new born baby turn your head and look at you, your understanding of and relationship to yourself shifts.