Shih Yun Yeo



Born in Singapore 1976, Shih Yun Yeo began her artistic career after graduating from San Francisco Art Institute. In 2004, she founded INSTINC, an art space in Singapore that runs exhibitions, artists' talks, workshops, international artists' residencies program and champions collaborations with different artists/groups.

Apart from paintings and drawings, Shih Yun Yeo works with diverse mediums including silkscreen, video and painting directly on 16mm films. Influenced by Abstract Expressionists, she is known for her strong energetic use of black ink and a passionate obsession with capturing the elusive moment that exists between chaos and order.

Through inventive, often playful techniques since 1999, she have been using non-traditional tools like household brooms and mops, roller-blades, water guns, brushes tied to tree's branches activated by the sheer will of wind and remote controls cars, with the traditional medium, Chinese ink in her works.

In recent years, Shih Yun started using toy robots to create marks in her works. Each mark created by the robot is spontaneous, without the constraints of a limited visual vocabulary, creating drawings of absolute freedom and honesty. All of her works continue to explore the mystic aspects of the drawing process (accidental and impermanent manifestations).


OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum's artist member programme

Kinetica's membership scheme was launched in November 2010, and aims to provide Kinetica with the opportunity to extend our artist network whilst fostering emerging talent. This membership level provides another access point for practitioners to show work at our annual art fair, where over forty exhibitors take up stands in order to show and sell their work. Oxygen members are entitled to a profile on our Kinetica Museum website, and gain access to Kinetica's interim exhibitions as well as our networks. The feature exhibition at the 2013 fair will be comprised of artworks created by our artist members. The feature exhibition is curated by Kinetica Museum's Artistic Director Dianne Harris, and the final selectins will be announced in Autumn 2012. For more information on our artist membership scheme, please visit the MEMBERSHIP section of this website.