Strange Pill

Strange Pill are Ben Hardy & Zahara MuñozVicens, audio-visual artists, producers, musicians & performers. They collaborate with other artists & programmers to make their kaleidoscopic vision of music a reality.

Their projects are tactile visual journeys, which explore an approach to music that has textures beyond the realm of sound and blurs boundaries between artist and audience. With the concept of cutups resonating throughout their work of music construction & deconstruction, realism & surrealism, psychedelia & audio-visual collage, they put together installations and exhibitions and are building an online & mobile platform to further audience participation.

Their projects include:

The Nyco Project – a psychedelic band with whom they create linear music in series of deconstructable video-collages, presented with touchscreens. Their first release was funded by Arts Council as an app for mobile devices and 2017 will see the release of ‘The New Machine III’ and their follow up exhibition ‘The Twelve Seasons’. (

Musicjelly – the concept of non-linear, mashable, video-collage of musicians, vocalists, beatboxers, spoken word artists, dancers, turntablists, etc. Their ‘Audiovisual Music Machine’, a 2D multichannel music mosaic of people and locations around London and beyond, allows over 3 billion possible permutations; and in 2017 they brought their 3D collaboration project with MDH Hologram to Kinetica: ‘Astral Music Projections’, a holographic mashable installation with over 1million possible permutations – (