Sunday 19th February

Sunday 19th February 2017

10am – Holotronica – holographic showcase

11am – ‘Wondering Minds’ – Chris Jack, Robin Leonard and Tony Langford
A universal feature of the human mind is its tendency to wander. What sort of mind wandering takes place while engaging in a busy, sensorially-rich exhibition environment? What is it about the wondrous nature of the artwork in this exhibition that engages our attention, pulling our mind back from wandering? Chris Jack (MAT programme, QMUL), Robin Leonard (Mindfulness Connected) and Tony Langford (Kinetica) will lead this workshop exploring how we can bring mindfulness techniques to the experience of an exhibition.

12pm – Noam Ben Jacov
Noam Ben-Jacov’s performance work focuses on the human body as the ‘motor’, with objects constructed around it. Noam will be presenting his work and showing footage of past performances on the Hologauze screen.

1pm – Holotronica
Stuart Warren-Hill, founder of Hexstatic and Holotronica. presents new work created for his latest invention, the Hologauze, a projection system enabling the world’s largest, brightest, high-resolution indoor holograms.

1.30pm – Lucio Cavallari
Lucio Cavallari is an italian artist who combines a wide range of disciplines including painting, video, live performance and interaction design. His video work challenges the perception of the viewer, investigating the subjective experience of the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind.

2pm – MDH Hologram / Musicjelly – Astral Music Projections
Musicjelly in cooperation with MDH Hologram took over and transformed an unused warehouse into a holographic filming studio in summer 2015. Together they filmed 62 artists in two weeks, turning them into holographic loops that can be triggered on stage with the use of touch-screens to enable the audience to mix & match musicians, vocalists and beatboxers. This is a mashable holographic collage of artists, a constantly transforming futuristic 4-piece band with thousands of possible combinations to make your own music compositions.

3pm – Analema Group
KIMA:The Wave uses cymatics to visualise soundwave patterns. The audience becomes participant and co-creator of a sonic composition being realised in real time, and is invited to explore a visualisation of their own voice.

4pm – 10 Years of Kinetica
Co-founders Dianne Harris and Tony Langford look back on 10 years of Kinetica, from the curated exhibitions of the original Kinetica Museum space in Spitalfields, through to the innovative exhibitions and events programmes at Kinetica Art Fair

5pm – Kamal and the Spinning Cosmos
Paul Friedlander with Jenny Bennett (Moogambo) and Micharl Tyack (Circulus)
A fantastical improvised performance of illuminated light waves and harmonic resonance. Combining ancient instruments, percussion & moog synthesiser with binaurals and cosmic cords derived from the natural harmonic series of tones & properties of the number 9, Jenny & Michael will play alongside Paul’s
spinning waveforms to create sublime soundscapes and kaleidoscopic harmonies.

All events take place in the LOFT space, with All Access tickets required for entry.

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Timings subject to change

Images (from top): Holotronica, Paul Friedlander, Lionel Stocard