27th February - 11th April 2008
Shunt Vaults, London, UK

In February - April 2008 Kinetica curated the installation of Hans Kotter's architectural light work at Shunt Vaults, deep in the tunnels under London Bridge station.


In his art Hans Kotter focuses on the metaphoric and sensual perception of material and of aesthetics of form. Kotter's theme is light. Light is a medium he has worked with again and again for years. His works always address it, tracing its most unexpected effects. In doing so, the diversity of light phenomena allows the artist to break fresh ground in finding highly varied possibilities of expression and ever-new techniques, materials and manners of presentation, which extend beyond the customary boundaries of the genre. Hans Kotter not only constructs light boxes, he also builds objects, pours things he has found into transparent resins, marks entire rooms with paths of light made of luminescent foils, and using his camera, approaches the most subtle phenomena of light.

A thin band of his luminescent foil, follows, winds around, and cuts through the architecture within Shunt Vaults, leaving traces and new impressions in the darkened exhibition space, forming part of the tunnel system and foundation of London Bridge station. Accustomed ways of seeing are thrown off completely as the glowing blue line appears to have its source of light within the walls. It negates the perspective of corners, edges and surfaces as its linearity robs the space of all sense of spatial continuity.

With minimalist means Hans Kotter pushes into the outer limits of perception. He gives light a sensual presence, an almost tactile density. In the dark emptiness of the exhibition space the colour-intensity of the strip of light becomes compelling and holds the viewer in a fascinating state of physical and mental ambiguity.

Dr. Stefanie Dathe - February 2008
Installation Accompanying Text


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