Kinetica on board the MS Stubnitz

Saturday 4th May: 2pm-11pm

MS Stubnitz, Wood Wharf, E14 9SB

On the 4th May 2013, Kinetica climbed aboard the MS Stubnitz for a captivating day / night of artist performances, film screenings, sound art and music, featuring an exhibition of innovative artworks by Kinetica artists, and a series of ground-breaking audiovisual performances using the latest interactive technologies.

This unique event was aboard an 80 metre long former East German fishing vessel transformed in 1992 into a moving platform for cultural exchange. Originally built in 1964 the ship travels from its homeport Rostock around the Baltic and North Sea, physically networking with cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Newcastle, Hamburg, St. Petersburg and now, since July 2012, in London. This will be one of the last chances to see the Stubnitz before it sets sail again in mid-May.

On board there were four event spaces including 2 outside decks and 2 areas below deck that were transformed into exhibition and performance spaces.

In the bow of the ship, a site-specific laser projection piece by Balint Bolygo was installed which played out a sequence that alluded to natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis where the viewer is kept in suspense not knowing where, when and what is about to happen. Projected forms became reminiscent of very distant cosmic bodies that encapsulate the viewer before disappearing and morphing into another shape.

Alexander Wendt presented a multi-channel system consisting of a micro-speaker-field projecting sounds created for random playback by nine devices interacting and investigating the sonic properties of the Stubnitz ship.

Further artists included Tom Wilkinson, Ivan Black, Chris Levine, Dianne Harris, Eugenia Emets, Delfin Ortiz, Letizia Reuss.