Invisible Realm - closing event July 13th

A special closing event of Kinetica’s Invisible Realm exhibition, featuring talks and performances illustrating how artists are working with new technologies to challenge our sensory experience, highlighting the cognitive and restorative value of immersive art.

Tony Langford in conversation with Tamara Russell
Strange Pill – talk + performance
Mathew Emmett – performance
+ Aura photography with Lauren Baker

Tony Langford, co-founder and director of Kinetica, will present his research on immersive media that opens our attention to the breadth of sensory experience, including peripheral vision, and will talk in conversation with Tamara Russell, a neuroscientist, author and director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. Combining her clinical, neuroscience and martial arts training, Dr. Russell’s approach engages both body and mind to evaluate creative yet authentic mindfulness applications for all spheres of life. Tony Langford is an Academic Associate at Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Fovolab and will be presenting his research paper ‘New immersive media to broaden attention and awareness’ at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) conference in London on July 12th.

Interdisciplinary new media architect and soundscape composer Mathew Emmett presents Double Skin, a performance interrogating how architecture changes our behaviour resulting in alterations in perception, mood and consciousness. Emmett defines architecture in terms of emergent forces, that of perception and territorial affect. This is the architecture of expanded media, super spatial senses, scission experiences and otherworldly chimera. Architects are predisposed to create order and stability, protecting us from chaos, but Emmett strikes against this, making space ring dissonant. And in this disjunction, punctures a hole to establish the void for the virtual. He works across constructs of hybrid space, shared immersion performance, site–responsive installation, data–generated sound, and theory-fiction.

Strange Pill explore an approach to music that has textures beyond the realm of sound and blurs boundaries between artist and audience. They will talk about their work of music construction & deconstruction, realism & surrealism, perception, psychedelia & audio-visual collage, concluding with an acoustic performance from their band The Nyco Project. Strange Pill are Ben Hardy & Zahara Muñoz, audio visual artists experimenting with the perspective of music as collage. They have been merging filmed life performance cutups, location, loops, touch-screens, projections and video art since 2010. Strange Pill have two installations (Propagation and the Audio Visual Music Machine) in Kinetica’s new exhibition at Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults, launching this month.

Lauren Baker invites you to experience a live metaphysical art experience of aura photography. Through a process that visually captures the electromagnetic energy given off by a person or an object, the viewer can see its own human atmosphere.

Invisible Realm – closing event
Friday 13th July
6.30pm – 9.30pm

Lauren Baker Contemporary
28 Floral Street

Entry is free but space is limited
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Exhibition is open until Saturday 14th July
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