Kinetica Artist Balint Bolygo at Derelicht 02

Kinetica Artist Balint Bolygo at Derelicht 02

Derelicht choose abandoned and decaying buildings as the backdrop for live electronic performance events. The site chosen for Derelicht 02 is a former Jet Engine Test Facility on the US Air Force site Bentwaters, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. Derelicht’s 24hr hide-out is an Aircraft Shelter known as “Hush House” for its outstanding acoustic properties. Built in the 1940s to support Cold War operations, the venue features a spectacular ‘tunnel’ that was originally used to test the engines of Spitfires and other military aircraft.

Kinetica Artist Balint Bolygo will be showing his ‘Sky Loupe’ laser installations within the tunnel and across the spectacular architecture of the hangar building itself, an ideal location for his projected forms reminiscent of distant cosmic bodies that encapsulate the viewer before disappearing and morphing into another shape.

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