Kinetica recommends:

Kinetica recommends the following exhibitions this autumn:

Store X The Vinyl Factory presents Everything At Once, an exhibition featuring historical, recent and ambitious new commissions for the expansive and unique space at Store Studios, 180 The Strand, including works by Ryoji Ikeda, Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor, Susan Hiller, Jeremy Shaw, Richard Long and Stanley Whitney, among many others.

Lauren Baker launches a new gallery in Covent Garden with an exhibition combining refracted light, sound and movement in her new vision of auras, colours and energy.

Haroon Mirza has created four unique physical experiences at the intersection of art, architecture, sculpture, sound and music, to mark the tenth anniversary of the Zabludowicz Collection at its London home of 176 Prince of Wales Road. Each of the works respond in some way to the building, artworks and context of the Collection.

Emotion + the Tech(no)body, part of the Unconscious Archives festival, considers our cultural and emotional attachment to data and the relationship of our bodies to technology, and includes work by Austrian and international artists repurposing technology and imbibing it with error, narrative and place, as a new resource for collective experience.

Kinetica members Antal Kelle and András Mengyán are exhibiting at the Schema – Design for Games exhibition as part of Off-Biennale, the largest independent arts initiative in Hungary. The title suggests that every new game is at once a new schema and model, leading to systemic thinking and an opening of new opportunities.

James Alec Hardy presents his first solo show at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, ‘Some Things are Clearer in the Dark’, where he explores the liminal space between knowing and not knowing, fact and fiction, and what he refers to as ‘perception management’.

Kaleidoscope is a new exhibition at the Mead Gallery in Warwick, bringing together outstanding examples of colour and sequence from the Arts Council Collection and other major UK collections.

Make_Shift is a group exhibition of artists manipulating and modifing different mediums and processes, at the Collyer Bristow Gallery.

Image: Ryoji Ikeda, ‘Test Pattern’