Kinetica's Inaugural NFT Exhibition Launches 27th Jan 2023


“Earth, water, fire, air, space, consciousness. All physical phenomena are made up of these elements.If we observe these inside and around us, we see that we are not separate from the Universe”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Introducing Kinetica’s first NFT exhibition
Presenting 25 works from 9 International Artists in NFT format. All works are authenticated & signed by the artist and sold in an exclusive limited edition of 30

Gregory Barsamian USA
Server Demirtaş TURKEY
John Dickson CANADA
Dianne Harris UK
Patrick Harrop QUEBEC
Max Streicher CANADA
Stuart Warren-Hill UK

Twenty five works will be released over a period of three weeks.
First release date : 27th January 2023
Second release date : 3rd February 2023
Third release date : 4th February 2023

Presenting a rare opportunity to acquire works from world renowned international artists.

The works evoke the elements of Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Sound, Ice, Force, Time, Nature, Light, Cosmos & Void. Each artist harnessing the intrinsic qualities of these natural elements through their kinetic, sound, light and mechanical works.

John Dickson’s cyclical works ‘Orbits’ & ‘Clusters’ represent the relationship between magnetism, particles and celestial cosmic connections within the solar system.

Gregory Barsamian plays with the concept of time, illusion, light and the workings of the sub-conscious mind. His Runner defies what is real, imagined and fabricated as the figure gracefully dices with a knife edge as a metaphor for life.

Theo Jansens’ monumental ‘Strandbeest’ sculptures are a form of artificial life, brought into existence by the wind.

Server Demirtas captures an insight into human emotion and grace with his ‘Contemplating Woman’ automaton, normally devoid of such nature given qualities. He highlights human nature as a natural phenomena, one to be harnessed and cherished.

Dianne Harris’ works convey an intimate and healing connection to nature, a playfulness with the essence of light, with works that act as a metaphor to bridge the gap between the spirit realms, the void and the in-between space.

Canadian artist Patrick Harrop focuses on immaterial phenomena and light. Everything that exists is made of particles. His works are ephemeral ghost-like entities.

Max Streicher’s inflatable work is metaphysical. The work points to air, a vital force, the element that keeps us alive. His twins connected via a vacuum-like umbilical chord share the same air. His work references duality, life and death, permanence & impermanence.

Expansion & contraction of matter, the metamorphosis of shape and form and states of flux inspire Kinetic grand master Roger Vilder to create his geometric kinetic compositions. His use of geometry reflects the inherent patterns and relationships that can be found in the most basic and complex forms of existence.

Elemental Geometry 1 Water by Stuart Warren Hill is the first in a series of audio visual artworks based upon the the sacred geometry of the elements.

Each NFT artwork is presented in a special limited edition of 30, each one signed and authenticated by the artist.

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