Zig Zag Glastonbury

Zig Zag Glastonbury is one of the first major off-grid Arts Centres in the UK, located on the edge of Glastonbury in a huge landmark Bauhaus-esque building.

Derelict for over 30 years, the old tannery factory has been restored to its former glory, and just four weeks ago opened to the public.

Kinetica is supporting this great project by helping Zig Zag to become 100% off-grid for 2019 – entirely solar & steam powered – and have assisted with a Crowdfunding campaign.

Click HERE for full details of the Crowdfunder and the great rewards on offer.

Funds raised will go towards restoring the steam engine, providing insulation and wood burning stoves for heating the vast space, providing electrics for the entire upstairs exhibition space, paying for floors & walls still needing concrete render & plastering and also assisting with the ongoing cosmetic work to the exhibition & performance spaces.

The support will also provide a major resource for the programme of exhibitions and events into 2019.

Zig Zag Glastonbury is a space for exhibitions, performance, talks, workshops and creativity. It aims to inspire a new culture of creativity reflected in the now.

On the left are invitations to the opening group show and information about the events taking place during the exhibition.

There are some great rewards on offer through Crowdfunder.
Click HERE for full details.

Thanks for any help in supporting such a great project.