Mike Booth - Feminine Principal

Mike Booth
Feminine Principal, 2011
Materials: Colour transparency, motor, solar cells
Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 4cm
Edition 4/30

Mike Booth’s work is driven by his fascination with movement in art. His Suntraps series are inspired by solar power and the different ways in which light can be transformative, light as a source of energy that can be converted into a fuel for modern technology. Also pivotal for artists in providing the spectrum of colours that can transform a blank or mundane space into something divine.

Booth mixes filtered coloured light in a way to suggest an entirely new colour theory that is neither subtractive, where two or more pigments are mixed to become one single pigment, nor additive, where multiple colours are projected on top of one another. The works Booth creates are evocative of stain glass windows, by introducing movement to them, he creates something transient, mysterious and sensual. The shifting colours seem to be impelled by invisible, celestial forces, the same as those that pervade the galaxy and are immediate and absorbing,

The works are emotive and capture the sense of passing of time, such as a season, an embrace or a feminine principal, they are enveloping, spontaneous and mesmerising. Most of the editions have now been sadly destroyed in a fire at the artists studio, and Kinetica has retained this rare work from the series.