Tom Wilkinson - Light Wave

Tom Wilkinson
Light Wave, 1999
Materials: Glass, aluminium steel, nylon, bearings and electric motor
Dimensions: 500cm x 200cm x 200cm

Tom Wilkinson’s kinetic sculptures draw inspiration from astronomy and metaphysics, reflecting the constant motions, cyclical patterns and kinetic energies that are universally present in our surroundings and the patterns made.

In Light Wave he investigates the ambiguous nature of matter; the glass appears to be liquid, inviting us to reflect on the paradoxical nature of glass, until recently thought to be a liquid, but now classified as an amorphous solid. The wave that ripples across the surface of Light Wave is a true sine-wave. Gravity and kinetic energy operate in a state of equilibrium so that the blades of glass, weighing a quarter of a ton, can be set in motion by a mere hundred watt motor, the consumption of an average household light-bulb. The sculpture can be sited both indoors & outdoors and withstand the elements.

Light Wave has been exhibited through Kinetica at The Economist Plaza in London, the Ars Electronica exhibition in Berlin, and at the opening of the Jeju Museum of Art in South Korea.