Adrian Pritchard

“I make work that attempts to redefine our relationship with matter by using gravity, the very force that universally dictates form. By working with the tensions between friction and fluidity, the dynamic and the static, the imposed geometry of the support/venue and the inherent viscosity of commercial substances, I explore the on-going visual aesthetic. Just as a research scientist sets up the parameters of an experiment, I set up the ground upon which the interaction of self-regarding man and nature can take place, and the resulting work moves from matter to metaphor.” Adrian Pritchard

Gloop Tower One is a kinetic live evolving installation which uses time, gravity and a viscous substance known as gloop. The gloop itself is made from Sodium Tetra-borate which alters the polymers with a water based PVA. This creates a Non Newtonian putty substance which stretches and moves like liquid only in slow motion. It is not sticky or wet for the most part. It has a very low and pleasant odour which is safe and non toxic.

The rainbow colours of gloop are placed in a revolving tube which then spreads the viscous material over a net which hooks the gloop making it fall randomly into thin veils of strings that snap, bounce or coil in the air before slowly sinking to the floor where an accumulation builds up that ebbs and flows slowly like molten lava.

The patterns and formations change due to the subtle differences in humidity and temperature and the movement of the mixture. The resulting work is something strangely organic yet artificial contextualised within the apparatus space.

Gloop Tower One was awarded the Visitors Choice at the Neo Art Prize in 2013 and has also exhibited widely as part of the “Osmosis Machine Tour” and other science art projects.