Antal Kelle

Kelle Antal Art Former’s artistic vision and way of thinking is based on reciprocity, which is expressed by incredibly simple shapes and their variability and moveability. In order to do this, he examines, encounters, shows, draws on radar different points of views and interpretations. He entrusts us to rethink and expand his conclusions, while he is willing to do everything possible for us to find him with our questions, and respond to his addressing. His new discoveries resulting from his thinking above space and time, his interactive cutting edge technology solutions, holistic integrating approach and his extreme formal reduction make his art independent from any known art forms (even from kinetic, cybernetic art). He creates the foundations of a radically new art form, that refines our sensibility, widens our vision and knowledge, deepens our understanding of reality and stimulates us to extend our tolerant approach. He constantly encourages us to have an opinion about his work and the world or any phenomenon, because the recognitions of substance stems from the differing points of view, which also helps us to control the new assumptions.

His works are not only unusual, but also should be interpreted differently by observing them from different points of view. The Artist reacts to current social issues, and their formal and philosophical abstractions simultaneously with kinetic statues, pictures and animations. He exhibited in the Biennale di Venezia, at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest with Interactive relationships with strangers and mobile statues. He had an exhibition in Bauhaus Meisterhauses Kandinsky and Klee Atelier in Dessau, Germany. And he also exhibited at the Hungarian National Gallery. He received the grand prix at the Statue Quadriennale in Pécs, Hungary.