Karel Bata

“A technician will see a bug and fix it. An artist sees a bug and explores it.” Karel Bata believes the best work emerges from seeking out such happy accidents, thus creating works that take the viewer into new and unexpected realms.

He has worked extensively in West End theatre, the film industry, photography, and computer generated imagery. For his recent MA in Stereo 3D he created a series of immersive 3D environments, involving audience interaction, projection mapping, and lasers.

Karel passionately believes that Bigger is Better, and strives for bold dramatic impact. The work is not a static art-piece but an environment the viewer is obliged to physically enter and experience – a feast for the senses.


OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum’s artist member programme

Kinetica’s membership scheme was launched in November 2010, and aims to provide Kinetica with the opportunity to extend it’s artist network whilst fostering emerging talent. Oxygen members are entitled to a profile on the Kinetica Museum’s website, and gain access to Kinetica’s exhibitions as well as our networks. This year Kinetica is focusing on an international tour, and our artist members will have the opportunity to be involved and submit work. In 2017, Artist Members have been selected to exhibit in Kinetica’s 10 Year Anniversary exhibition, and at Kinetica’s residency at Sketch. For more information on our artist membership scheme, please visit the MEMBERSHIP section on this website.