Alex Posada

For four billion years, the earth was a glowing sphere, continuously pounded by the fall of meteorites. In this chaos existed the elements necessary for life. The chemical reactions of atomic particles generated molecules of a substantial degree of complexity. An atmosphere took shape. After the atoms became molecular soup, the extreme weather conditions caused another transformation. Chance significantly influenced the creation of new molecules, shaping millions of new combinations and complexities. The unstable molecules disappeared quickly, while the stable molecules persisted long enough to evolve. One after another, millennium after millennium, however complex the molecules were, they remained inert. It took hundreds of millions of years for nature to give birth to the first molecule capable of replicating itself.


‘The Particle’ explores these processes of creation and elapsing, evolving from external stimuli represented by the influx of viewers in its nearby vicinity. This breeding ground leads to the emergence of new forms and behaviors, complex or simple, elapsing or enduring over time. It is a body with its own internal resonance, creating space for sensory and kinesthetic experience. Experimenting with colour, sound and movement, the continuous rotation, speed and light create visual effects that define the spatial structure of the object. The translucent skin becomes visible, creating shape and volume. When there is a change in external conditions or a random mutation, the sculpture forms and reacts by generating events that modulate the sound and space. Given that the regulatory mechanism of the design is based on the haphazard decision-making manner, new models naturally emerge from the previous. The vibration of sound, colour and visual patterns evolve into chaos or order according to evolutionary algorithms that govern it. The structures cannot be anticipated, and evolve through continual iterations involving the viewer.

Alex Posada 2010

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