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Sounds and Sorcery - Kinetica at new Vaults production

Kinetica is presenting a series of spell-binding installations at the new immersive sound and visual extravaganza, Sounds and Sorcery, celebrating Disney’s Fantasia.

The show runs until 30th September, to book tickets click HERE
The Kinetica exhibition can be accessed for free via the Launcelot entrance of the Vaults, see below for opening times.

Featuring Gregory Barsamian, Strange Pill, Hortense Duthilleux and Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

Strange Pill, ‘Propagation’

This experimental installation presents twelve muted visual narratives of sound, generated with frequency variations of the classical pieces and sounds of Fantasia; inspired by the film’s psychedelic sound waves and palettes of colours. Here Bach’s Toccatta and Fuga in D Minor turns into a molecular triad, and Tchaikovsky joins with Schubert in a multicoloured radio wave. There are sounds in slow motion, reversed and multilayered. Commissioned by Kinetica Museum for Sounds and Sorcery at the Vaults, ‘Propagation’ is a perceptual journey that explores how we perceive through visualisation and how our minds fill the gaps when other senses are censured.

Gregory Barsamian, ‘Die Falle’

Barsamian is able to explore theories of dreams and the unconscious by replacing images with sculpture, creating a dream world, one that melds art, science and technology into a shadowy realm. Taking on the visual illusion known as “persistence of vision”, Barsamian’s work, Die Falle (German for, The Trap), is a large-scale zoetrope of a man’s reality in dream-time. The sculptures are perceived in real time but appear within a dream world. Our sensory world and our logic are in conflict: is it, dream VS reality or, reality VS dream?

Hortense Duthilleux, ‘I Am A Big Fan’

Hortense Duthilleux uses the transcendental energy of light to produce immersive environments and interactive experiences. At the intersection of architecture and experiential design, her work explores the physics of light and upheaval of our senses to restore a sense of balance. ‘I Am A Big Fan’ was conceived as part of her HighLight project which revived a cult for light to fight against modern apathy. Its propeller diffracts light as it spins and scatters the white spectrum in all its colours to create mesmerizing patterns.

Strange Pill‘Audio Visual Music Machine’

Constructable and deconstructable, the Audio Visual Music Machine is a composing instrument and audio visual sampler: loop-based, multiscreen, hypnotising and non-linear – a journey of over three billion possible permutations of synchronised people, objects, locations and sounds, which represent a multicultural landscape. With hundreds of loops, this is a human collage where the parts make the whole and the whole is affected by the parts. The audience becomes the composer – constantly creating new meanings and is invited to explore how we humans perceive the constant flow of these meanings and what emerges from this endless piece.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez‘Window to Infinity’

‘Window to Infinity’ explores the intimate relationship between art and nature. José Manuel Gonzalez’s works transform themselves and can be seen as a metaphor for life. They change with time, and react to the circumstances that surround and influence them. New hardware and software technologies have given him the necessary tools to create works of art which are capable of interaction, that generate sound and change colour, as in nature itself.

The Kinetica exhibition is open free of charge at the following times, until 30th September:

Tuesdays to Fridays – from 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Saturdays – from 1.30pm to 10.30pm
Sundays – from 6.30pm to 10.30pm

For the Kinetica exhibition only, please enter via the Launcelot St entrance of the Vaults, London SE1 7AD

For details on the full production of Sounds and Sorcery (accessed via Leake St entrance) and to book tickets, click HERE.

​Using cutting edge binaural sound recordings, 3D projection and light installation, this new production at the Vaults beneath London Waterloo brings to life the world of Fantasia with musical sorcery. This is a new, exhilarating and absorbing way of going to a concert, suitable for young and old; original fans and those who have never seen the film.

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