Who We Are

Kinetica Museum was co-founded by Dianne Harris and Tony Langford in 2004. Back then we found that kinetic or new media artworks made up less then 5% of the mainstream public art collections in the UK. The success of the former museum at Spitalfields in 2006-7 showed the huge appeal for this type of art on a global scale, and our continuing work is at the forefront of the ongoing kinetic art "movement" focussing on universal exploration. Artists are looking across many disciplines and collaborating with scientists, cosmologists, technologists, engineers and architects to provide a greater understanding and universal knowledge into their work.

Dianne Harris (Art Director) has worked within the applied arts for 20 years and sources work for Kinetica's revolving collection.  She curates the feature exhibition at Kinetica Art Fair as well as other touring exhibitions. 

Tony Langford (Managing Director) has worked on the research and application of audiovisual and interactive media for more than 15 years.  He runs the company's marketing and operations as well as Kinetica's events programme.