Kinetica recommends

Group exhibition | Grand Palais, Paris, France

05/04 – 09/07/2018

This exhibition is an opportunity to experience works of art produced with the help of increasingly sophisticated robots. Featuring works by some forty artists, it offers a gateway to an immersive and interactive digital world – an augmented body sensory experience that subverts notions of space and time.

In an ever more robotic society, the artists explore new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, which is potentially revolutionising human lives and even the conditions in which artworks are produced, presented, disseminated, conserved and received.

Ever more sophisticated software has given rise to increasingly autonomous works, an ability to generate infinite forms, and interactivity with audiences who permanently modify this game.

The selection of works explores the questions raised by artists, which are also questions we ask ourselves : What can a robot do that an artist cannot? If it has an artificial intelligence, does a robot have an imagination? Who decides: the artist, the engineer, the robot, the spectators or everyone together? What is a work of art? Should we fear robots? Artists? Artist-robots?

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The exhibition includes works by artists including Elias Crespin, who showed at Kinetica Museum’s inaugural exhibition ‘Lifeforms’.