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Tinderdust The Forest of Phantasmagorias, is part of this year’s Vault Festival.

Delve into a holographic universe of mystifying creatures, foreboding tales, and phantasmagorias hidden deep within the augmented woods of Aves. Premiered at Royal Academy of Arts and Watermans’ Digital Weekender, this holographic production utilises holographic technology to evoke digital microcosms, transporting audiences into an augmented dreamscape where the boundaries of reality are eradicated.

VAULT Festival
February 15th and 16th

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Light Traces is a series of magical artworks by Kinetica artist David Ogle, at the followng locations until 22nd February 2018:

Lumen | Finsbury Avenue Square and Exchange House Atrium
Lumen is an installation of tree-like structures forming a luminous canopy of interlocking neon branches, shrouding the space in colour and light.

Loomings | 201 Bishopsgate
Loomings documents artworks the artist has produced in remote landscapes across Northern England and Wales.

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Image: Tinderdust The Forest of Phantasmagorias