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Strange Days: Memories of the Future
October 2 to December 9, 2018, at The Store X, 180 The Strand, London

An immersive exhibition led by John Akomfrah, Kahlil Joseph and Pipilotti Rist will transform London’s The Store X this October, taking viewers on an audio-visual journey through its studio space in the Brutalist 180 The Strand.

Twenty-one artists’ work will feature in the polyphonic Strange Days: Memories of the Future, presented by The Store X, in partnership with NYC’s New Museum and The Vinyl Factory from 2 October.

Many of the installations will be making their UK debut in the exhibition, which is curated by Massimiliano Gioni.

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Shape Shifters at Hayward Gallery
Until 6th January 2019

This major group exhibition brings together sculptures and installations that explore perception and space.

Featuring 20 artists and spanning a period of roughly 50 years, the exhibition includes innovative, minimalist sculpture from the 1960s as well as recent works that extend the legacy of this ‘optical’ minimalism in different ways. It also features new commissions that have been made in response to the architecture of the Hayward Gallery.

Many of the artworks in this exhibition are constructed from translucent materials such as glass, acrylic and polyester resins. Luscious and seductive – and often demonstrating huge technical accomplishment – these objects act as optical devices that enable us to see our surroundings in new and unexpected ways. In bringing together artworks that activate our perception of Hayward’s unique building, Space Shifters provides a dramatic and fitting conclusion to the gallery’s 50th anniversary year.

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Until 4th November 2018
Reymonta 23, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

SENSTER was created to order, on behalf of the Philips health technology company at the end of the 1960s, by Edward Ihnatowicz, a sculptor of Polish origin working in London. The sculpture was purchased in April 2017 by AGH from its previous owner, the Netherlands-based Delmeco Group.

SENSTER comprises a 5-meter long steel kinetic sculpture, a Zooid. It was constructed to react, via a set of microphones and Doppler sensors, to sound and motion in its surroundings. The interaction sequence was regulated by a program written in Assembler and encoded into a P9201 prototype computer.

Senster became the third media artwork supported by the Dutch company, after Nicolas Schöffer’s kinetic art sculpture „CYSP 1” (1956) and Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis and Edgard Varèse’s “Poème électronique” pavillon and environment (1958).

In the years following its Eindhoven presentation the piece shared the fate of the majority of fragile media artworks. Despite its significance it remained inactive after the mid-1970s, and in the early 21st century it was put on the list of lost media art pioneering projects. It has been reactivated by a transdisciplinary team, a collaboration of humanities, engineering, and the arts.

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Agonism / Antagonism
New exhibition by Kinetica Artist Members Phenotypica
Until 21st December 2018
Grant Museum of Zoology, London.

Agonism / Antagonism is a new exhibition resulting from artist Neus Torres Tamarit’s residency in the laboratory of Dr Max Reuter, Reader in evolutionary genetics at UCL, and part of a long-term collaboration with computer scientist Ben Murray.

The resulting exhibition reflects the aesthetic environment of the laboratory, and Neus’ ongoing interest in the artificial and natural polymers that pervade our environment. The Grant Museum of Zoology, one of the oldest natural history collections in the UK, will host artworks exploring these ideas, presented through a range of media including sculpture, installation and digital animations, set amongst a spectacular permanent collection of specimens.

There will also be opportunities to further explore the animated worlds presented in the exhibition through interactive virtual reality at both the Grant Museum and the nearby North Lodge.

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