Kemal & The Spinning Cosmos


An experimental collaborative performance exploring multidimensional universal concepts of the spinning cosmos and connection to the source of life through the ancient ceremony of whirling inspired by Sufi dance, the Dervish and Chromoscopic waveforms by Paul Friedlander.

The performance takes us through realms of transformation into a transcendental state - Kemal.

Concept & Art Direction: Dianne Harris
Wave form Sculptures : Paul Friedlander
Performer & Choreography : Maria Almena
Digital Editor / Hologauze : Stuart Warren-Hill
Visuals : Paul Friedlander / Dianne Harris / Stuart Warren-Hill
Music : Jenny Bennett / Ollie & Georg Parfitt - Moogambo / Michael Tyack - Circulus

Debuted at Kinetica's 10 year Anniversary exhibition in Bermondsey

London 2017.

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