Consciousness Hacking: Art + Tech = Nature?

Consciousness Hacking is a growing global community focused on the intersection of modern technologies, ancient wisdom and human flourishing, exploring how to harness technological change for transformation and connection. Kinetica co-founder Tony Langford is a colead of Consciousness Hacking London, part of the larger global Network which originated in San Francisco.

On 2nd March Consciousness Hacking London comes to Sketch in London’s Mayfair, as part of the Kinetica Museum exhibition Natural Instinct.

Alex Haw will introduce his work ‘Sketch Strangler’, a light installation that has grown into the spaces surrounding Sketch’s main lobby. Alex will discuss this and other works by his interdisciplinary studio, Atmos, many of them inspired by nature.

Tony Langford will talk about how artists working across disciplines are engaging and challenging our sensory experience. His 2019 academic paper ‘Return to nature: how media art heals?’ reviews and compares simulated natural environments with actual nature, and their potential to restore attention and enhance wellbeing.

As the planet faces an environmental crisis, we will explore whether and how multi-sensory media art can re-connect us to the natural world.

Consciousness Hacking: Art + Tech = Nature
Monday 2nd March, 6 – 8pm

9 Conduit Street
London W1S 2XG

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