Kinetica at Sketch

Kinetica has partnered with Sketch on a retrospective of works from 6 artists:
Ivan Black, Dianne Harris, Tim Lewis, Tom Wilkinson, Jose-Maria Gonzalez & Balint Bolygo.

Sketch was inaugurated in 2002 by restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and three Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire, as a destination for food, art and music as well as experimentation in design and architecture.

Kinetica residency at Sketch
Exhibition runs until 14th September
Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, W1S 2XG

See video HERE

Ivan Black
Materials : Steel, motor
Dimensions 70cm x 280cm
Price on application

Ivan Black uses the repetition of simple forms to build complex kinetic structures. Energetic waves spiral through the structures, causing shifts in alignment of the component parts, allowing three clear dimensional forms to emerge at various points of the sculpture’s alignment. Each sculpture is a section of a potentially continuous sequence. Ivan takes inspiration for his designs from iconic natural forms, combining a fascination with mathematical formulae and the pioneering spirit of the British engineer to create a synergy between science, art and technology. His meticulously engineered and seamlessly integrated mechanisms are central to the behaviour and appeal of his work. Tending towards the minimalist in design, the movement is allowed to take centre stage.

His work has been exhibited at galleries and sculpture parks worldwide including the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, The Cass Foundation, Flowers East, Interart Sculpture Park Netherlands, Palmyra Sculpture Centre Mallorca, Kinetica museum and the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. His work is included in several significant private collections.

Dianne Harris
Dimensions : 112cm x 110cm x 12 cm deep
Materials : Neon, perspex, transformers, SP control modulator, PC/software.
Price on application

E=MC² represents the seven etheric states of matter as energy in constant flux, the work explores how consciousness expands or emanates from one person to another. It questions the idea of consciousness as an invisible force relative to spirit and how it travels through the ether, the space between particles. The work focuses on connection and the idea of thought, energy and harmony between living entities.

Ether= Matter x Consciousness² is an alternative take on Einstein’s theory of relativity : Energy = Matter x Light²

The work is in constant flow and flux as the neon tubes slowly change in intensity and hue through reflection and shadow.. The work shows depth of colour rarely seen in neon with pastel shades of greens, purples, greys, pinks, yellows & blues.

Dianne has exhibited nationally and internationally over the past 20 years, her work is collected privately and commissioned and has been included in the temporary & permanent collections of Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Science Museum London, Taipai National Museum of Science Taiwan, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology Cambridge, Kinetica Museum, Canary Wharf, FSA Collection, George Iacobescu Collection, Millennium Dome, touring with the British Council and in many galleries throughout UK, Europe and America. Dianne also curates ground breaking exhibitions for Kinetica Museum.

Tom Wilkinson
Lets Bounce
Materials : LEDS, motor, steel, timer
Dimensions : 180cm x 55cm x 55cm
Price on application

Tom Wilkinson’s kinetic sculptures are investigations into the fabric of our world. He is fascinated by illusion, and how we perceive the physical world in which we find ourselves. One such preoccupation is the illusion that the world is solid – the chair on which you sit is in actual fact a chair-shaped force field, almost complete nothingness, devoid of stuff. In 1998 Wilkinson began to experi­ment with spinning lights to produce illusory solid mass, where the traces of spun light produce volu­mic form. His spinning light series, “Green Ray” and “Let’s Bounce”, were the results. They explore the void at quantum level, with reference to the atom and its field of electrons. These works are also a celebration of scientific enquiry, as they have the presence of laboratory apparatus, and as such, are strongly suggestive of an unfinished journey.

Tim Lewis
Running Child
Materials : Mixed Media Construction
Dimensions : 22 × 27 × 11cm
Price on application

Tim Lewis combines mechanical devices and sculpture to investigate, test and experiment with its own doubts and perception of the world.
Stemming from an early fascination with strange objects, Lewis’ work raises questions and imaginations around the boundaries between nature and fabrication. He endows objects with properties that they do not naturally possess – chairs walk, birds nest in shoes and man-animal-machine hybrids are brought to life – leaving nature to the constructed and vice versa.

Lewis’ work creates a world in which artist is engineer. Defying easy categorisation, this engineering takes bits and pieces of inspiration from not only kinetic art, but also from a wide range of possibilities, including the development of photography and genetics. Objects become invention, fetishised into mechanical forms.

José Manuel González
Window to infinity
Materials: Wood, acrylic paint, LED’s and Arduino
Dimensions : 112cm x 112cm x 10 cm
Price on application

Mathematics and the intimate relationship between art and nature are the themes that most interest José Manuel. His works transform themselves, and can be seen as a metaphor for life. New hardware and software technologies have given him the necessary tools to create works of art which are capable of interaction, that generate sound and change colour, as in nature itself.

He has received a number of grants and prizes, including the Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby’s grant at the Joan Miró Foundation. His participation in exhibitions has spanned over two decades and his work has been showcased extensively in galleries, museums and art fairs across Europe & the Americas. At present he is a resident artist at the Institute of Cultural Research in Malaga.

Balint Bolygo
Gravity Composition I & II
Soot, carbon, glass, paint
Dimensions : 60cm Diameter
Dimensions : 50cm x 50 cm
Price on application

Bolygo’s work is involved with both physical and conceptual forms of movement. He makes kinetic pieces that over time create different types of images; drawings, paintings, etchings, films and light projections. His machines are sculptural objects that act out an artistic activity. The idiosyncratic nature of the pieces recall early scientific instrumentation and perhaps allude to a time of great spectacle when the division between Art and Science was ambiguous and blurred.

These drawings were made using a complex array of inter-connected pendulums that etch away a layer of soot on a sheet of glass. As harmonographs they use gravity as a force to make astrological patterns. The images are the results of traces of the time, movement, and the artist’s interaction, whilst the pendulum is pulled to equilibrium by the Earth’s gravitational pull. These gravity-induced drawings hint at recognisable images found in nature that have also been formedby a universal force. The earth’s gravitational pull is harnessed to produce completely unique forms resembling images found in astronomy. Images that embody both random chaos and universal order.

Balint has shown his work with Kinetica Museum for over 10 years and exhibits internationally, his most recent show is still running at the Verbeke Foundation, Netherlands.

Photo credits: Matt Boak