The Art of Multidisciplinary Performance

21st June, 7-9pm
Lights of Soho Gallery, 35 Brewer St, London W1F 0RX

Join us for an insightful evening at Lights of Soho gallery exploring the art of multi-disciplinary performance. Presented by Kinetica’s Tony Langford, this ‘Bright Sparks’ event will feature four talks by artists working at the intersection of art, neuroscience, film, fashion and music.

Oliver Gingrich will talk about holographic projection as an art genre as well as his work on presence research and brainwave-inspired art. Evgenia Emets will discuss the relationship between sound, light and geometry in her recent projects including KIMA, a collaborative project by Analema Group. Maria Almena from Kimatica Studio will present her work exploring the intersection between the human body, technology and live performance. Kinetica Artist Member John Was will explain how his sculptures bridge the crossover between art and sound, and will show his work ‘Living Mind’

The talks will be followed by questions from the audience and a discussion on the benefits of multi-disciplinary collaboration, as well as the challenge of creating work that crosses the traditional boundaries of the gallery, theatre, cinema and concert.

Entrance is free but places are limited, please email


Oliver Gingrich is a London based artist working with holographic projection, painting and photography. Light art, presence research and brainwave inspired art are key subjects in his body of work. As Art Director of one of the leading holographic projection companies, Oliver is interested in creating new platforms for creative exploration, blurring conceptual boundaries in the Arts. As producer at Analema Group, Oliver is currently working on a new iteration of KIMA, creating new forms of presence through visual expressions of sound.

Born in Vienna in 1979, Oliver is currently completing his PHD at the National Centre for Computer Animation, at Bournemouth University. Having graduated with an MA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins and a Digital Art degree at the University of Vienna, he is now Art Director at MDH Hologram, in London. Oliver’s professional practice includes the foundation of Musion Academy, a forum for artists to engage with holographic projection. His artistic base is his studio in Notting Hill, with his art currently on display at the LACDA – Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art. With Analema Group, Oliver’s focus lies specifically on immersive qualities of light art.

Evgenia Emets is a poet and artist. Sound, light, poetry and drawing are the primary elements of her current work. Through installations and performances Evgenia creates experiences which invite the audience to question the boundaries of perception. Her visual artworks are often created in a contemplative manner to invite self-reflection. Whether they are exact constructed geometric creations or intuitive expressive drawings, created in one single breath, they draw upon the idea of arts practice as an ever evolving internal discipline. The latter is always the reflection of one’s mind.

Evgenia was born in 1979 in Poltava (Ukraine, USSR). She graduated with an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London in 2008. She is currently based in London. She is also Artistic Director of Analema Group, an arts collective creating projects on the intersection of art, science and technology.

Maria Almena is from Kimatica Studio, a London-based multidisciplinary collective exploring the intersection between the human body, performance and technology. Wishing to extend the possibilities of live art, Kimatica creates live performance and installation pieces. The studio explores the crossroad between interactive technology and the human body, in which the body becomes a link between known and unknown worlds. Kimatica’s pieces are often inspired by ancient ceremonies and rituals, aiming to infuse magic into Western culture, and overlap physical and virtual layers to create rich, augmented realities.

The main body of Kimatica’s work explores concepts of human consciousness and perception, making ideas of transcendence and sublime consciousness accesible to modern audiences through live experiences. Kimatica’s creations have toured internationally. They recently won Winter Pride London’s Alternative Performance Award by Smirnoff, got commissioned by Tate Museum and supported by Barbican Centre, and are the first performance collective to be represented by Kinetica Museum.

John Was is a composer and sound artist experimenting with site-specific sound and audiovisual installations, and more recently autonomous artworks. He is interested in how sound can articulate and amplify material objects, places and spaces, in a similar way to how music and sound are used to convey emotional drama in TV, Film and Theatre.

He calls these sound-sculptures Genius Materia (the essence or spirit of material things) where composed soundtracks ‘animate’ aesthetic objects and sculptural forms. John is a member of Kinetica Museum’s ‘Oxygen’ Artist Membership scheme.

Analema Group, ‘KIMA’ at Union Chapel
Kimatica Studio, ‘Simulacrum’ at Kinetica Art Fair