Kinetica 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Kinetica marked its 10 year legacy as a leading platform for international new media art with an anniversary show featuring an experiential exhibition of performative and immersive artworks and a programme of mind-blowing holographic performances.

The show received over 3500 visitors and was acclaimed as the ‘Best thing to see in London’ by Timeout Magazine.

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The exhibition featured world-renowned artists including:

Gregory Barsamian, whose three-dimensional animated zoetropic sculptures probe some of the fundamental dilemmas of human existence while celebrating the potency of dreams.

Ray Lee, transported us into a parallel universe of cosmic tones and esoteric technology, with an Aladdin’s cave of exquisitely hand-crafted contraptions from his Ethometric Museum. Lee won British Composer of the Year for Sonic Art in 2012.

Paul Friedlander – Light Artist and ex-physicist. In 1983 he made an important discovery of the chaotic properties of spinning string and invented chromastrobic light – ‘light that changes colour faster than the human eye can see’. Paul showed his kinetic chromastrobic artwork at Kinetica.

Jonty Hurwitz – Nano Sculpures, invisible to the human eye and the smallest sculptures in the world. Works created with Quantum Physics.

Chris Levine, an internationally recognised pioneering artist who works across different media in pursuit of sensory experience of image and form through the power of light.

Tim Lewis who pushes the boundaries of imagination to reveal creatures born of mechanics in the same way that genetics engineers use science.

Stanza, whose six foot data sculpture is made of transparent perspex with one hundred micro display screens showing data pulsing through the body.

Baraga, an artist from Slovenia whose installation is a matrix of 99 inflating balloons that creates an immersive yet intimate performance ‘Neunundneunzig’

Jiayu Liu, whose ‘Wave’ sculpture uses camera identification and computer processors to control over 50 illuminated panels

Adrian Pritchard creates installations using a viscous and slow- moving substance he calls ‘Gloop’, whose patterns and formations change due to the subtle differences in humidity and temperature

Lauren Baker, a British multidisciplinary artist whose crystalised sculpture is an anatomical heart that beats faster as people draw near

The exhibition, entitled The Thin Veil focused on what is real, perceived or imagined. Invisible realms were explored to create an awe-inspiring and engaging experience. The exhibition featured 35 artists from more than 10 countries with over 50 performative artworks as well as a programme of live performances and events.

The performance works were supported by Holotronica’s Stuart Warren Hill, the inventor of Hologauze – a projection system enabling the world’s largest high-resolution indoor holograms. Further exhibits, talks and presentations explored the possibilities of holographic, virtual and augmented reality technologies as a gateway to changing perceptions.

Full line-up of artists:

Analema Group * Philipp Artus * Lauren Baker * Baraga
Gregory Barsamian * Ivan Black * Balint Bolygo * Lucio Cavallari
D-Fuse/Labmeta * Paul Friedlander * Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Luciana Haill * Dianne Harris * Holotronica
Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang * Jonty Hurwitz * Noam Ben Jacov
Antal Kelle * Kimatica * Hans Kotter * Ray Lee * Chris Levine
Tim Lewis * Jiayu Liu * Andy Lomas * Lorna McNeill
MDH Hologram & Musicjelly * Andras Mengyan
Moogambo / Circulus * Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak
Delphin Ortiz * Jon Pigott * Adrian Pritchard
Jasmine Pradissitto * Shama Rahman * Stanza
Lionel Stocard * Trope Scope * UBIK Teatro * Tom Wilkinson

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Kinetica 10th Anniversary Exhibition
February 17 – 19
Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street Bermondsey, SE1 3PL

Images (from top): UBIK Teatro, Stanza, Hans Kotter