In Transition - Tinderdust: The Ether

Tinderdust, BlackMoon1348, Holotronica, Dianne Harris

LONDON: Ugly Duck Gallery
FRI 8TH & 9TH MARCH, 2019 6:00pm

Tinderdust’s The Ether, part of Ugly Duck Gallery’s In Transition, is a futuristic exploration of music, art, and technology. It discloses hybrid worlds that arise through this correlation, and showcases how technology manifests an exit into multiple streams of realities existing within our own. The Ether facilitates the transition into hidden pathways, where digital spheres awaken new truths of existence.

The evening will consist of live music performances utilising holographic technology, augmented reality, projection mapping, and light sculptures. This will be supplemented by interactive audio-visual art installations exploring themes of The Ether.


Dianne Harris
Munay Ki: 6.30 – 7pm
Kemal & the Spinning Cosmos : 7- 7.30pm
Dianne Harris transitions audiences into a visionary world of rites, music, and performance in her pieces, Kemal & the Spinning Cosmos and Munay Ki. Kemal & the Spinning Cosmos evokes multidimensional universal concepts of the spinning cosmos and connection to the source of life through the ceremony of whirling. Munay Ki explores the connection and manifestation of power and energy from the Earth, the elements, the cosmos, and the invisible realms existing within our ether. Combining forefront holographic technology with dance and live instrumentation, Dianne Harris’s holographic theatre conjures ethereal spheres transitioning into altered states of consciousness.

7.45 – 8.25pm
Creator of the award winning Holo-Gauze, Holotronica transforms electronic music into 3D virtual soundscapes utilising cutting-edge holographic technology. Holotronica’s performance uses immersive technology to materialise a multitude of different realities onto the space around us. Audiences are taken on a stimulating trip into a whirlwind of 3D hallucinations, as the music unfolds.

Tinder dust
8.50- 9.30pm
Tinderdust will unleash a holographic live music performance that unfolds as a digital dreamscape. Their performance delves into the subconscious, surrealism, and the avant-garde, and is a testament of how the mind can be visually awoken by sound, and led to futuristic, alternate realities. Exploring different states of existence; real, imaginative, and augmented, Tinderdust transforms the creatures and microcosms that exists within each song into an augmented dreamscape, opening a portal into a mystifying phantasmagoria.

10.00- 10.30
BlackMoon1348 are a Tibetan influenced electronic act. In collaboration with projection and visual mappers Fehérvári Gábor and DIZQO, they will be creating a live mandala of esoteric knowledge; shifting through the realities of death, and exploring limitations of existence and rebirth through a sonic, visual ritual of multidimensional awareness. Amalgamating digital projection mapping with traditional Tibetan instruments and chants, BlackMoon1348 leads audiences on a passage into the bardos of Tibetan culture.

The event also features immersive installations from Oliver Gingrich, Blair Zaye and Fehérvári Gábor.

For full details, including the programme of performances for Saturday 9th March, see the information and ticket links below: