Ben Tyers

Ben Tyers sees the world as existing of a natural balance of opposites, and the oscillation between these opposites as the flux which creates our visible universe. As he states: Naturally the balance between decay (reductive processes) and growth (refinement) is always in favour of the latter, in the ratio of about 3:2. This predominance of refinement over decay in nature means that there is not only an abundance of growth, but a constant progress in evolution and the resulting support of increasingly complex and refined life forms. It is this idea of balance and reciprocal interplay which is present in all life, exemplified by human breathing, that is behind the artwork


The phenomena of pressure, explosion, centrifugal motion and over-heating are all intimately linked with the processes of decay; conversely, suction, implosion, centripetal motion and cooling are the counterparts of growth and refinement. The outward or pressure-breath is therefore subordinate to the suction or in-breath. My understanding is that our over-dependence on technologies derived from decay processes hinders the development of consciousness. I am striving to create works which will help to redress this imbalance and thus open our human spirit to these subtle but immensely powerful impulses which are motive of self awareness, healing and refinement. Extending Tyers’ exploration of this interplay of forces, Vortice embodies an idealised form of balanced motion. It is seemingly both a wave and a particle as it describes the generative egg-form derived from a logarithmic funnel, the same form as the path of every planetary orbit. It is as simple and pleasing to observe as a waterfall, a cascade without beginning or end.