Christian Schiess

Throughout his distinguished career, light artist Christian Schiess (American) has confidently channelled his passion for art, science and technology into a unified creative practice, a multidisciplinary approach that has resulted in a body of work that is at once innovative, distinctive and varied, while also serving to position him as a pioneer within the field.

Instrumental in the design and development of stable, cost-effective electric gas discharge tubes (neon), which could be submerged in liquid or even sewn into a performer’s clothes, he revolutionised the way this material could be used both aesthetically and commercially. Regardless of the method or medium chosen, however, the primary concern at the core of Schiess’ work stems from a deep and long standing fascination with the luminous and kinetic qualities of the elements involved. He is interested in the interface between technology and nature, with his projects regularly investigating the sublime, beautiful, and absurd aspects of this relationship.