Istvan Haraszty

The creator of popular domestic mobile sculpture (nicknamed sweetie). Self-taught artist. Many of his works have become classics in their lives. The carrier wry sense of humor, often satirical messages will works have aroused much attention in the 1970s . In many cases, sharp criticism in the Kádár system functioning. As a result, for many years was not enough space for art.

Kinetic works which are perhaps the most famous include the steel smile , the Fügemagozó (1970), and the Agyágyú by structures that are only nudge may be in motion, and "confront" the artist and the current cognitive viewer's imagination. The main element of the statues of mobility, concept and game art technical language "movement", " concept "and" play ". Surrealistic nonfigurációi link to Szürenon művészcsoportosuláshoz also featured works all kiállításukon.

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