Jun Ga Young



Through the genre of interactive media art, Jun Ga Young strives to communicate with the audience not through an art that is understood, but through an art that is felt.

The principle motif for her work ‘Whistling Sea’ (2009) - presented in the Kinetica Museum feature exhibition at the 2011 art fair - is the Jeju Sea.

Between the calm waves and ripples, Jun’s rhythmically arranged hanji paper oozes transparent sea colours and hues; ultramarine, peacock blue, yellow, green, pink. These are not simply conceptual sea colours, but colours of light seen through the eyes of impressionist painters. During Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn, not for a single moment does the Jeju Sea look the same. Jun’s aim is to make the audience feel the Jeju sea through her work.

I take motifs and principles for my work from music. I produce visible music and audible colour by visualizing the sense of hearing and auralising the sense of sight. I combine sound with colour, creating conditions by which music and colour can communicate. The squares filling The Whistling Sea installation refer to musical measure. When the colour changes, notes can be heard, and melodies bring forth harmony when these notes link together.

Ga Young Jun, South Korea 2010