Liliane Lijn

Liliane Lijn works in a broad range of materials and media, making extensive use of new technologies to create works which view the world as energy. A constant dialogue between opposites, her sculptures use light and motion to transform themselves from solid to void, opaque to transparent, formal to organic.


Liquid Reflections (1966-68) and the works leading up to it were her first and most complex works with water and light. E=mc3 (1968) is a collaboration between Liliane Lijn and Nazli Nour, combining Einstein's formula for the equivalence of matter and energy with Milarepa's words about all matter being emptiness. Conjunction of Opposites (1986) is a ritual installation of two larger than life figures which communicate with each other through the media both of sound and of light. These figures, Woman of War and the Lady of the Wild Things, developed from the many works Lijn has made using prisms and lenses, and cast the machine in the role of goddess.


All images and text © Liliane Lijn