Margaret Michel

Margaret Michel's objects have a particular character in that they are animated. Far from the traditional static images in marble or stone or the illusional perspective of a painted surface, they reflect a contemporary world where the sense of passing time prevails overs the space that is reserved for our planet.

Her works are an open field to the probable meeting of the artist's intuition and the spectators imagination. Objects are presented isolated or in complex installations that tell stories. Sound is often present, an added element to a scenario that is unfolding. The eye is distracted by a detail then guided by a movement.

The artist takes hold of her potential by integrating and parodying scientific techniques. Her constructions are light, sensitive and elaborate, issuing from the art of assemblage and related to the works of Rebecca Horn or certain Nouveaux Realistes She uses recycled objects, gears, wheels and pieces of typewriters or taxidermic animals.ȠIn "Symbiotic Associations" a motor ticks out the seconds until a spring drops a piano hammer which hits a cymbal that resounds and travels into a space uniting us in our relational existence, man and beast, through time.