Peter Sedgley

Recognized as a pioneer in the development and application of kinetic and luminescent technology within the arts, internationally renowned visual artist Peter Sedgley has produced a vast and diverse body of work over the last four decades, through which, he has continually explored the optical properties of colour, light and motion. In particular, he has focused on the illusory effects that result from directing or predetermining the presence of these properties and controlling their interaction, resulting in work that can often produce calming, disorienting or hypnotic sensations. Citing the colour theories of Goethe, Wilfred, Klee and Mondrian as major influences, Sedgley began to incorporate rotating and stroboscopic lights, colour filters and ultraviolet into his work, as an attempt to further explore colour in relation to the metaphysics of vision. Initially trained as an architect, he aligns his work to the creation of an ambient spatial theatre in which the viewer becomes both spectator and participant.