Petroc Sesti

Is it Art? Is it Science? Is it neither or both?

The art of Petroc Sesti pushes the boundaries of art and science and goes beyond both, taking us to new territory. His work looks strangely new and feels oddly familiar. With the perpetual motion of "Event Horizon," a liquid vortex contained in a bell jar, Sesti rivets our brain's attention and kindles our need to explore the object. Once captured by the aura of the object, we need to find something in the art that will release us from its seductive grasp. Sesti's art confounds cognition and kindles curiosity.

This is an art of subtle motion and intense emotion, an art of stillness and transcendence, an art of violence and silence, an art of time contained and time frozen. Sesti's art is an irresistible invitation to your body, your brain, and your imagination. By tickling your brain's ability to mirror itself in the object, Sesti's work succeeds in seducing the viewer into a world of speculation and anxiety. "Event Horizon" bends light like a prism; its perpetual vortex hypnotizes the viewer. Reflecting on its ever changing spiral motion my imagination wanders, the spiral nautilus, a tiny tornado captured in a bell jar, the turning world underfoot that feels still, the spiral helix coiled in the core of all living entities. To look deeper into the dancing mirror, perhaps we can glimpse timelessness.

Mr. Phillip Romero. Art Critic/Neuropsychologist