Richard Brown



Richard Brown creates interactive works using real time computer graphics combined with gesture sensing to produce works that are accessible, engaging, visceral and immersive. Richard’s work has been shown at SIGGRAPH, New Orleans, the ICA in London and the Mind Zone of the Millennium Dome. The mimetic starfish looks and behaves as if it were alive, its tentacles reaching out to the visitors hands... It is an example of Artificial-Life that is both engaging and provocative.

Brown has a BSc in Computers & Cybernetics and an MA in Fine Art (RCA) and creates interactive artworks using multi-media technology, computer programming, electronics and interfacing. In 2002-03 Richard was an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the VCA and Melbourne University, and artist-in-residence at the Natural History Unit in the ABC, in 2008 he was Research Artist in Residence in Edinburgh Informatics, University of Edinburgh.