Rob Mullender

Since the mid 1990s, Rob Mullender has been exploring various alternative methods of sound generation and for the last five years his work has focused on how non-auditory forces and phenomena can be transcribed into the audio domain.


His investigations have involved magnetic field recordings of metro systems around the world, sound recordings utilising laser interferometry, different light producing artifacts employed as audio synthesis devices and original compositions generated on the A.N.S synthesizer - a unique Soviet era drawn-sound instrument that evokes a synesthetic cross-sensory fusion. While Mullender has been described as a ‘musician’, ‘sculptor’, ‘sound designer’ and ‘avant-garde sound artist’, his diverse body of work has managed to elude the trappings and limitations that can result from such categorisation.


An avid improviser, composer, producer and recorder, Mullender’s multidisciplinary approach to his longstanding fascination with environmental sound and energy has infused a high degree of crossover experimentation into his innovative recordings and sculptures.