Roger Vilder

Echoing Lavoisier’s law of conservation of mass, Roger Vilder believes ‘nothing is created, nothing is lost, and everything is transformed’. From the expansion and contraction of matter to the metamorphosis of shape or form, it is this state of flux that inspires Vilder to create his geometric kinetic compositions, work that explores and emphasises the harmony of primary elements in a continuum of time through motion. His use of geometry reflects the inherent patterns and relationships that can be found in the most basic and complex forms in existence, in particular, the similarities of motion cycles and evolution in seemingly incongruent worlds. As a result, in spite of Vilder’s use of industrial mechanical materials, a sense of organic life emerges from his work when in motion.

Anamorphose Series

Vilder utilises an arrangement of springs and rotating armatures to explore the illusion of perspective in this linear sculpture. Unique geometric patterns are continually formed as the motion-generated tension causes seemingly solid lines to expand and contract in relation to one another. With this series of work, Vilder has left the mechanical composition of each piece raw and exposed so that, through its transparency, the harmony of movement remains visible at every level.

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