Simon Uribe

Influenced by a background in architecture, Simon Uribe’s sculptures seek to create a feeling of weightlessness through the use of balance and movement. His work is the converging point of two lines of questioning; the search for an aesthetic quality through the idealization of the human body and the generation of movement by means of structural instability.

Inner space
“Inner Space” is a reactive piece composed by two human figures; a male and a female standing on identical copper frames. The isolated sculptures create a unit based on their complementary polarities by engaging in a subtle kinetic dialogue among themselves and with the viewer. The pieces are called "Inner space"; both of them I guess, I consider them one piece. Each frame measures 14 x14 x 30 cms, and they are made in copper

Chaos theatre
Chaos Theatre is a limited edition of kinetic sculptures that generate sinuous and unpredictable movement by means of electromagnetism. Each piece consists of an aluminum frame that serves as a stage for sculptural figures standing in an impossible balance; with the push of a button the figures dance around in a new choreography every time as they influence each other’s balance.

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