Viktor Hulik

Viktor Hulík the Slovak artist whose work overlaps several artistic disciplines. The starting point in his work is his personal interpretation of nature. But not just any nature, but nature organized, regular, orderly, structured.

To reflect considerations of harmony, the order but chaos, created a complex technology, image fragments and who subsequently becomes a moving thanks to the ingenious system of links that can be varied to infinity.

The whole process of transformation is only a reflection phases creations and transformations of matter. Static nature and nature in motion. Change is inevitable that something would come to life again. Regulations provoke disorder and chaos attracts new rules. Still image becomes mobile and vice versa. These opposites are complementary and exist only because of their differences.

Great picture of the world Viktor Hulík suddenly become, easy to handle, unimaginable chaos. Stiffness principles are lost, rationality becomes sensitized, design becomes destruction. Postmortem rigidity comes alive through the mess.

His work is moving within. On the one hand, a unique installation and on the other potential emergence, which may change - transforming before the audience and thanks to his intervention.

I work so many lives, how many interventions.

Each image - an object adapts to its environment, expanding or relocating to the area, which has a .. Small enough to point to its structure transformed into work already has nothing to do with the original. Visual aspect of the work is multiplied RONAKO as its meaning.

Viktor Hulík with sincerity toying with the principles of variable geometry. It shows us the beauty and grandeur of Procedure regularity. However, it also shows that the breeze of imagination and a pinch of clutter can open up new horizons and unexpected worlds.

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