Vincent Leroy

The work of Vincent Leroy is a follow up to kinetic art and New Realism, but also moves under the influence of Japanese pop culture from its playful and colourful nature. Far from the technology that characterizes it, it is primarily poetry, and a certain magic, that define his work.


Without seeking the latest technology, simple movements are the basis of Leroy’s work. Contrary to his previous works where technology was more present, today’s work finds a smooth pulse and natural swing to a rhythm of an inner harmony of its own. It circulates between poetry, technology and freedom of spirit. Movement and repetition are the main inspiration behind Leroy’s work; a natural movement that creates life, the wonder, the constant change of perspective.


Leroy is keen on slowing down all revolutions: he takes time, breaks down every gesture. He always starts from an experiment. Inspiration shows him the way forward. As much as the viewers are, he is as surprised from the magic that emerges from these moments. Hence he captures the unexpected and then analyzes it in order to exploit and integrate it in his work. His movements are abnormally slow to better understand the phenomenon. It is this decomposition that explains and intrigues him. Each time a trigger occurs it allows the magic to operate. The slowness is the magic.


IMAGE: Particule Elementaire Noire, 2000