Vyacheslav Koleycsuk

V. Koleycsuk is a professor of the School of Architecture in Moscow. He is an inventor of light (tensegrity) structures and focuses on interdisciplinary art. He leads a multimedia Theatre where dance, music and visual images function together. He also collaborates with the Russian Space Agency for which organization he invented the sun cell structure for satellites. At the exhibition “Creatures Great and Small” he had two of his works on display, he also participated with these at the Kinetica Art Fair 2010.

He uses the principle of interference and creates holograms in a very elementary way by taking a flat metal steel sheet and engraving motives on it in such a way that when the sheet is lit up the motives appear three dimensional to the spectators. In addition he positions a reference object on the metal surface that also rotates making the image more accentuated. The image itself is visible from all directions, but changes its character if the light source moves.