The kinetic light work of Bardula explores mathematical figures extracted from virtual 3D geometrical algorithms, and spiraling movements inspired by vortex phenomenon. It is magnified through laser and LED-technology, using light and matter to study the correlation between 2D and 3D and the relationship between colour, form, light reflection, and virtual volume.

BARDULA is a pseudonym, created by a Belgian artist born in Zürich and based in Brussels until 1993, New York until 2002, and Paris ever since.
Since 2012, Bardula has collaborated with an architect and scenographer whom she met in Paris shortly after her return from New York in 2002.
With a degree in architecture from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, it was his attraction to scenographic 3D modelling and light that would lead to the gradual coincidence of his world with that of Bardula, giving birth to a conceptual and technological symbiosis.

Bardula’s recent work is the result of the union and collaboration of two artists, a gold and silversmith and an architect. Bardula’s work is designed and produced at her studio in the south of Paris. Since 2015, Bardula has been represented by the Swiss gallery La Ligne (

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Top left: Interférences Bleues/90×90×6cm/pigments on plexiglas, LED, aluminium
Top right: Carrés Eclatés/light sculpture/60×60×8cm/mirrors, LED, copper
Below: Exhibition view at KKDC gallery, Paris