Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy has been fascinated by brilliantly coloured lights since boyhood. Over the years he became intrigued by how a camera has the ability to capture images of those lights that remain unseen by the naked eye. Inspired by the early experimental light painting works of Man Ray and Picasso, the adult Kennedy embarked on his own journey exploring the possibilities of artworks capturing his interpretation of this elusive quality.

Kennedy is a British born resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After many years of working in Hollywood as a successful music editor on movies, Christopher chose to pursue his photographic passion. His latest creations are meticulously composed using, in his words, "fixed light sources as the paint, and the camera as both brush and canvas."

Kennedy's technique, Photo Luminism, begins with meticulous arrangement and staging of static lights. After dark, he positions and manipulates his camera in a single long exposure. The result is a canvas overflowing with rich and seemingly impossible imagery: the light unseen captured in the blink of an eye.

Kennedy prints onto brushed aluminium for its inherent ability to enhance the depth and luminosity of his images through the diffuse reflection of ambient light