Dijon Hierlehy

After working on ideas by Denis Dutton, Richard Wollheim and John Dewey, Hierlehy's work intends to represent the philosophy of Allen Carlson and the notion of scientific cognitivism which holds that in order to better understand the beauty of the natural world we must appreciate the ways in which it has been created. These works oscillate between the notions of comprehension and mystery intending to create a veil of easily understood phenomena, here represented by pinpricked paper; behind which hides a noumenal realm of true beauty at which we may only glimpse. Within this work there are also allusions to astrological and cosmological features juxtaposed with imagery from wood grain (dendrite), peltate, and other biological patterning. These provoke ideas of stella neucleosynthesis, chaos theory and the basic building blocks of life; attempting to work concurrently on both the macro- and microcosmic scale.

Dijon is a self-taught artist who studied Philosophy at The University of York and Birkbeck College. He has worked with a number of magazines and galleries in London including; the Lisson Gallery, The A-Foundation (London), Auto Italia South-East Gallery, Punchdrunk Productions and POP magazine. He has exhibited with Guerrilla Zoo, The Troubadour Club, The Playhouse, The Raven Arts Society, Bar 98, and has had one solo show “The Live Creature” at Hepsibah Gallery in August 2012.