Hayah Sheps-Avtalion

Hayah Sheps-Avtalion is a photography artist living in Israel. After a fulfilling 25 years career in the high-tech industry, she chose to pursue her passion for photography, studying at Blake College (London 2009) following an autodidactic photography practice. Her first solo exhibition was in 2014 at Florentine 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv, and she has since participated in several group exhibitions.

‘My photography aspires to realize the pictorial potential of the medium. It is inspired by works of the “New Vision” photographers and the “Concrete Photography” genre. My wish is to create a new and intriguing reality, in which randomness has a major role. I try to reflect a formalistic process of deconstruction of light sources. Light is the photographic object as well as the enabling medium in my work. The photographic process starts intuitively, combining exploration and experimentation to highlight the form, structure or composition I visualize.

The light – direct, reflected or emerging – fascinates me and guides my work. I create the images by direct photography (with no digital manipulation) using body or camera motion in different rhythms. The images are characterized by nuances of light and colour, and focus on elements of transparency, space and motion. They aim to evade clear categories and evoke the spectator to wonder: What am I actually looking at? What is its source?’

Hayah Sheps-Avtalion

OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

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