Hortense Duthilleux

One of our strongest primal, tribal needs is to seek something greater than ourselves. Yet in an hyper-stimulated society it feels as though the self is more forsaken than ever. To help people switch off their brain and access the mind, Hortense Duthilleux uses the transcendental energy of light to produce immersive environments and interactive experiences. At the intersection of architecture and experiential design, her work explores the physics of light and upheaval of our senses to restore a sense of balance.

‘I Am A Big Fan’ was conceived as part of her HighLight project which revived a cult for light to fight against modern apathy. Its propeller diffracts light as it spins and scatters the white spectrum in all its colours to create mesmerizing patterns. It is currently on show as part of the Kinetica-curated installations at Sounds and Sorcery, the new production at the Vaults in London’s Waterloo.