Jonty Hurwitz

Whilst studying his mother’s hands, Hurwitz took great care to appreciate their true depth and meaning. These were the hands that reared him and that at one point carried all he was. The hands of nurture, the hands of nature. The anamorphic complexity of the sculptures parallels the complex decisions those hands made throughout Hurwitz’s life, impacting and shaping who he is. Millions of small maternal moments that together add up in the most beautiful of formulae - A mathematics of me.

Jonty Hurwitz was born in South Africa and has worked in the field of visual arts and computer data visualisation for two decades. He has won over eighteen awards for technology and innovation including a British Interactive Media Award, an EMMA Award for Technical Excellence (Interactivity 2000) and a BAFTA nomination (The Best Use of Moving Image 1996) and Best Use of Technology (2010). He is widely associated with the current re-emergence of anamorphism, and images of his mathematically generated sculptures have gone viral across the internet. Hurwitz’s works are held in private and corporate collections in London, Berlin, New York, Sydney, Israel & South Africa.