Khalil Charif

Although being best know in the fields of videoart , performance and photography, Khalil Charif always is producing small objects and installations. His experience using mechanics in artworks usually has low-tech – bringing elements of our daily lives in poetic circunstances, such as “Thunder 1” (2003): An old fan and the electricity energy to make a poetry book produce a sound of thunder – while the pages are frantically flying on the wind. Afterwards, in “Storm 1” the same concept was applied in another installation using several books, creating an ambience of storm.

Khalil Charif (b.1967) is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he currently lives and works. He studied at School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, and obtained a post-graduate degree in Art History, further studies in Art Philosophy. In late 90’s, attended Parsons School and New York University. He participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including: “Low Lives 4”, USA et al, 2012. “24es Instants Vidéo”, France, 2011. “International Triennale of Contemporary Art”, Czech Republic, 2008. “Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid”, France, Germany, Spain, 2007-2008.

OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum’s artist member programme

Kinetica’s membership scheme was launched in November 2010, and aims to provide Kinetica with the opportunity to extend it’s artist network whilst fostering emerging talent. Oxygen members are entitled to a profile on the Kinetica Museum’s website, and gain access to Kinetica’s interim exhibitions as well as our networks. This year Kinetica is focusing on an international tour, our artist members will have the opportunity to be involved and submit work for the following tour. In December 2013, a group of Kinetica’s Artist Members will be selected for a member’s exhibition in 2014. For more information on our artist membership scheme, please visit the MEMBERSHIP section on this website.